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Why an Equestrian Property Agents?

Equestrian property represents a substantial investment and often involves many layers of complexity. Expertise in residential real estate is one component, but it is not enough. We have been involved in the majority of equestrian property transactions in our region since 2005. Our success within this market niche is based upon superior qualifications, evidenced by our track record and client satisfaction. Our background has prepared us to add unique value for our clients. Our mission is to make available to you a wealth of experience gained while successfully negotiating high value real estate transactions and while riding at a high level.

We combine exceptional determination and creativity with outstanding marketing capabilities. In addition, we provide far reaching connections within the horse industry—the owners, riders and professionals who require equestrian facilities in order to pursue their passions or livelihoods. We are involved with the people as well as the properties in our area of focus, and with our team members’ expertise in different disciplines, we offer access to a comprehensive network. If your property is out of our geographic area, but you would like to benefit from our marketing and connections, contact us about our national network.

Anyone can claim to be an equestrian property specialist. Our expertise is more than a marketing slogan to us. It is a commitment that substantially increases the probability of creating a successful outcome. We encourage you to experience the difference.

Luxury Residences and Land

We are relationship driven and committed to our clients. We help our clients purchase and sell luxury residences and land in the ranch and coastal markets where we live and work, with different team members specializing in different regions. We bring the same service and attention to detail to all our client services, and believe anything worth doing is worth doing exceptionally well. Our clients report high satisfaction and appreciate our thorough, responsive and conscientious representation and the marketing, technology and resources available through Compass. Plus, the additional exposure to the all-cash equestrian buyer pool can be an extra benefit, even with non-equestrian properties.


Our goal is to help you realize the value associated with the highest and best use of your property. We have the depth of experience to understand what makes your property truly special and distinctive, and to navigate layers of complexity if necessary, to help you realize your property’s potential. Let us tell the world your property’s story.

Today, over 95% of buyers begin their searches online, With the overwhelming volume of data out there, niche marketing has become the single most powerful way to effectively reach a target audience. We cast a wide net with all the consumer sources as well as utilizing effective SEO, high organic rankings, outstanding social media as well as brand new mobile/digital marketing tools.

Our marketing resources include more than 1,000 potential internet sites and print resources, email, direct mail and social media, cross marketed to attract luxury real estate buyers, land and farm buyers and local, national and international horse lovers. We have successfully attracted and closed sales with buyers from Europe, Asia, Mexico, South America and Canada, as well as reaching widespread domestic markets. Contact us about our national network.

We offer a targeted marketing program, custom designed for each property’s unique appeal and highest and best use. We proactively market your property, with the established relationships necessary to create a credible word of mouth campaign. Let us effectively communicate your property’s value.


The best results come from working together effectively. We seek to really understand your criteria and goals, and then we systematically and persistently search until we find what you are looking for. We are thorough, detail oriented and dedicated to uncovering every opportunity, including properties not yet actively on the market. We provide all the information you need to make well-informed decisions.

Identifying the most desirable opportunities is only the beginning. Our deep market knowledge, negotiating experience and standard of care set us apart. We are comfortable and experienced at negotiating for only the buyer’s benefit or at navigating the role of dual agency and crafting a winning solution for both parties. Our determination, commitment to details and our creativity all contribute to your satisfaction. Let us help you enjoy the perfect property.

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